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Welcome to Leafs Nation Airways.

I am a Leafs fan. Im a fanatic. And I love to have fun! I will go to any length to get to the Leafs games, and have a blast doing it.
This is the year to hit the road with the greatest Hockey Team in the NHL. From December to March I am going to be at every Leafs ‘away game’, in the East Division.
We are going to visit the Habs, the Senators, the Penguins and, The Rangers, and of course the Bruins!
But we are not driving Mom’s soccer van. Nope! Me and my buddies are taking a private plane, from door to door.
Yep, its a little exclusive, but we love the Leafs!
We just show up at Buttonville Airport at 5 PM, board the plane (no two hour security check lineup), fly to the other guys town, quick limo trip from airport to arena.
Then we are going to be escorted and seated in the best seats in the house, bar none! That’s right, the best seats in the house. We got ‘em. Game time! Woo-hoo!
After the game we will get back in the limo, zip to the airport, and fly back home.
I will be home by midnight!
Then I will see you at the office in the morning, we can talk about them Leafs, and I can tell you ‘I was there!’ 

Join us! Leafs Nation Airways.

The following is a list of available bookings for Leafs road games for 2019/2010 season.
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#  Date  Location  Booking Deadline  Status
1  Wed, Nov 27, 2019  Detroit  Sat, Nov 23, 2019 SOLD OUT
2  Fri, Dec 20, 2019  NY Rangers  Sun, Dec 15, 2019 SOLD OUT
3  Sat Feb 8, 2020  Montreal  Mon, Feb 3, 2020  OPEN
4  Sat Feb 15, 2020  Ottawa  Mon, Feb 10, 2020  OPEN
5  Tue, Feb 18, 2020  Pittsburgh  Thr, Feb 13, 2020  OPEN
6  Sat Mar 14, 2020  Boston  Mon, Mar 9, 2020  OPEN
7  Sat Mar 28, 2020  Ottawa  Mon, Mar 23, 2020  OPEN

All bookings include Best Seat Game Tickets, Round-trip Flight,
Transportation to and from Away Game Airport & Arena.

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